The Rules

Before I leave on any long bike trip, I always make myself a list of rules to abide by, a personal constitution if you will. You might find them interesting, but the main reason I want to post them is so they are officially published so you guys can call me out if I try to chicken-out while on the trip. Also, if anyone has things they think should be added to the list, I’d love to hear them. Alright, here we go…

·         There are two, and only two, reasons that I can quit the trip:
o   I am allowed to quit the trip due to long-lasting or life threatening situations such as illness, injury, political conflict, or severe weather issues. I’m defining “long-lasting” as over two weeks.
o   If I find myself in a situation where I am behind schedule to the point that I am going to miss the beginning of graduate school, I reserve the right to decide to shorten the trip if I need to. This would suck, a lot, and I really hope that this doesn’t happen…
·         Having a bad time, running out of money, losing my stuff, or any other reason not stated above will not be an acceptable reason to quit the trip.
·         In the event that my bike and/or gear is/are stolen or lost (I’d like to think I’m not stupid enough to lose my shit…), I must get a new bike and replace my gear so that I can continue the trip.
·         If for any reason an emergency situation arises and I need to get a ride from someone, I must return to the exact spot that I was picked up before resuming the trip.
·         The trip’s route must be completed exclusively on my own power.* No motors of any kind may be used. If in select circumstances I need to walk, swim, or use another no motorized device (like a kayak or something) that is allowable. On my days off, and when I am not biking, obviously I can take whatever kind of transit I want, as long as I return to where I stopped biking before resuming the trip.
o   *In planning my route I tried really hard to avoid this, but I could possibly get into a situation where there is absolutely no way to get across a border or river without using motorized public transportation. In this case, after exhausting every other option, I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do…
·         I reserve the right to change my route, but I must start at the west coast of Europe and end at the east coast of Asia.